Your 401k pension guide is usually available from your 401k plan administrator. Most plan administrators make available to employers some type of guide that benefits the employer as well as the plan participants. This guide can help promote the 401k plan, show participants how to use the 401k plan tools and how to make a 401 k rollover.

Employers make a lot of decisions when setting up the company 401k plan. The employer decides whether to allow a 401 k rollover option. The employer determines whether the plan will offer the self directed 401k brokerage option.

The 401k employee contribution limits are established by the IRS, but the 401k employee match from the employer can vary. The employer gets to decide how much of a match to give, as long as they stay within the 401k IRS matching guidelines.

There is a lot of pressure on employers to do the right thing by their employees. A 401k pension guide helps employers make successful decisions.