Do You Have A Relationship With Money?


courtesy metro weekly

We all have a relationship with money. Some of us have a stronger relationship than others. If your money drives you, depresses you or worries you then you have a fairly strong and perhaps unbalanced relationship with it. Too strong of a relationship can be unhealthy.

A healthy relationship with your money can be very powerful. If you want to harness that power you need to nurture and understand the relationship. Money has a place in your life; the question is whether its taking over your life? Check our your personal relationship with money.

Does Money Make You?

If your ego inflates due to your bank account balance you may want to check that out. Your money does not make you who you are. Your drive, talents, skills, experience and education are what make you a mover and a shaker.

Money has its place. It is a form of measurement. The healthy perspective about the cash in your pocket is to understand that it has the ability to buys goods and services; it does not make you who you are. The more cash you have, the more things you can buy, plain and simple.

Are You Moody About Money?

It is very unhealthy to base your happiness upon the amount of money you have. Money is relative; avoid obsessing over wealth. Chasing money so that you have the means to buy whatever you want whenever you want to can be dangerous. With that frame of mind you will not appreciate the things you obtain, it will just be all about the chase.

Don’t take your money for granted by misunderstanding its purpose. If you buy yourself things just to cheer yourself up even though you cannot afford them what have you accomplished? You may “look” wealthy because of all your material possessions but that’s about it.

Life is too short to base your moods on how much money you have or don’t have.

Does Money Worry You?

If you are miserable every time the market takes a downward swing, you may be too close to your money. Keep things in perspective.

Unless you need to make an immediate purchase, the downward swings of the market are just paper losses. If you had earmarked some cash for an immediate purchase and lost it in the market than maybe you should not have been invested in the market. You would have been better off investing it in a safer, more secure investment with more of a fixed return.

Money has a place in your life; just don’t let it control your life.