Case Study on Chuck who is a divorced Dad with 3 children. Chuck is 45, the children are ages 10, 13 and 15. Chuck makes a good living so is not worried about taking care of the basics for his children; he is concerned about supporting the children through college.

If you are a divorced parent trying to support yourself and your children on one income there is a lot of help available; you just need to reach out.

College financial planning should start when the children are very young; but it is never too late to start. Contact the financial aid offices of your local colleges. There are many grants, scholarship and loan opportunities available. The colleges offer financial counselors because they know that parents can be overwhelmed with getting their children on the right track.

Once your children reach an age where they can start working, have them look into getting a part time job to help. Part time jobs do not pay young people a lot, but maybe their pay check can help pay for their books or any little extras. They can get a part time job on campus. College libraries or the bookstore are great places to start.