Your Credit Can Damage You Financially

You only make so much money; unless you have a very generous boss, a rich uncle or a money tree in your back yard.   Since your money intake is limited you need to use your money wisely; otherwise, you will do silly things like, build up debt, over extend on credit and then end up a financial mess.

The worst financial situation to get yourself into is to allow your credit to damage your finances to the point where you are held financially hostage.  To avoid financial hostage, work on your credit scores and credit reports.

Improve Your Credit Scores

Your credit scores show the financial world what you look like from a financial perspective, never misunderstand that.

Your credit scores are your report card for the financial industry.   The closer your credit score gets to 800, the closer you are to getting an A.   If your credit score is close to 300, you get an F.  It’s very basic, to the financial industry you are judged based on your number.

Improve Your Credit Reports

Your credit reports are your report cards.   The financial industry gets your numbers from your credit reports.   You can find your credit score every year for free.

Order a free credit report once a year through each of the 3 national credit reporting agencies.

Manage Your Credit Cards

Financially hostageYour credit cards are one of the tools you use to improve credit score or damage your credit score.    You have the ultimate control over whether or not your credit holds you financially hostage.   You decide what you want your credit score to be.   You make this decision every time you use a credit card, build up debt or skip a payment.

Break Free From Financial Bondage

Since you have the ultimate control over your finances, you need to pay attention to how you handle your credit.

To break free, you will need to improve your credit scores to the range that creditors, lenders and other financial companies approve of.   If you want to get an A vs an F on your credit report card, you will need to keep your credit card balances low, never skip payments, avoid maxing out your credit cards.

Getting Help

You know that you need credit repair help to improve your credit scores, you just are not sure how to do it.   There is credit repair help available, you just need to take the first step and seek out the help.