If  you spend beyond your means, in other words spend more than you earn, to get ahead of the financial eight-ball you may need to adjust a few of your financial habits.

Easy Ways You Can Save Money

#1 – Cut Your Cable.

Ask yourself if you really use 500 channels?   How many channels can you watch at one time?   If you are not using all of the channels included in your cable package, maybe you need a new package that is more suitable to your needs.   A big pitch by cable tv companies a few years ago was the number of channels they offered in their packages; the cable companies all tried to provide more channels than the other company.

#2 – Maybe Cancel Cable.

The number of channels offered in your cable tv package is not as important anymore due to the great advancements in technology.   Cable tv companies are losing business because you can now watch some television shows online, for free.   With that in mind, maybe you don’t even need your cable tv package at all.

#3 – Shop Your Insurances.

You should compare your auto and home insurance premiums at least once a year.   Insurance companies do raise rates for reasons other than just claim activity.  To save money you should raise your deductibles.   You should look into dropping coverages you no longer use.   Ask your insurance agent for a review of your insurance policies every year.

#4 – Use A Shopping List.

Save money by always make a shopping list before grocery shopping.   The tendency to avoid impulsive purchases decreases when you create and stick to a shopping list.

#5 – Set Up A Budget.

Everyone who wants to save money usually follows some type of budget.   Even though following a budget sounds restrictive, it’s not.  A budget is simply used to help you track your spending.   You work hard for your money, don’t you want to know where you spend it?

#6 – Avoid Fees.

Banks, credit cards, insurance companies, utility companies and many other financial institutions charge fees for paying late.    Avoid fees by paying your bills on time.   Avoid paying credit card interest; only charge onto your credit cards a balance that you can afford to pay off each month.

Cut gym membership and save money#7 – Cancel The Gym.

When was the last time you actually worked out at the gym?   If you are not using the gym, cancel the membership.   You will not only save money, but you will save time on the guilt trips.

#8 – Brown Bag It.

How did brown bagging your lunch get such a stigma?   You can save so much money by taking your lunch to work every day.   Do the math, add up all the money you spend on eating lunches out compared to bringing a sandwich or salad to work everyday….you will surprise yourself.

#9 – Skip The Cafe Latte.

You can save so, so, so much money by avoiding the expensive coffees sold at coffee shops.  If you were to just change one financial habit to help yourself save money it would be to make your own coffee.

#10 – Make Eating Out Special

You don’t have to eat dinner out every weekend.   Eating out should be special, not mandatory.  Instead of routinely eating weekend dinners out start a new habit of making dinners at home; you can save money, save on calories and keep your cholesterol down all at the same time.