Do You Really Want To Be Debt Free?

debt free

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Debt free living is risky and can be hard work, are you up for the challenge? If you want to get your financial life in good working order managing your debt is the best place to start. Debt can drown you; it can prevent you from ever stabilizing your financial life. You may have to risk some comfort to achieve a debt free lifestyle but it is well worth it.

Debt Free Living Starts With Attitude

Wanting it all is a nasty attitude to have if you want to avoid debt. Living below your means, spending less money than you earn is a better attitude. If you cannot afford to buy something without going into debt, do not buy it. That’s the risk, the inability to buy whatever you want whenever you want it.

The Temptation Risk

Can you say no? Do you need to have the latest gadgets, mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, or latest apps? Can you skip those temptations if purchasing them means going into debt? Technology never stops updating and improving so keeping up can be expensive.

Can You Skip The Immediate Gratification?

It feels good to reward yourself with “stuff”. You work hard, so you justify the reward, right? That’s a great approach if you can do it without going into debt. A debt free reward system forces you to save up before rewarding yourself. The risk is that you will not have the will power to hold off.

Debt free living is powerful living. When you are not tied down or strangled by your debt you can live, love and laugh.