Do you ever feel as if you never have enough money?  Are you living from paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead in your financial life?

You always thought that you would get ahead if you could just earn a bit more at work.  Or maybe you could get a financial boost if your investments would just grow faster.   Well unless you have a rich relative, a generous boss or hit an investment boom you will have to work with the money you earn from your job or your investments.

But cheer up, there is another way to have more money.  Financial experts have proven that if you develop proper financial habits you will actually have more money.   If you think about that, it does make sense.  The amount of income you get to keep all depends on how you managed that income.

There are only a few ways to make money; paychecks, investments or if you are lucky enough, an inheritance.   There are many ways to spend money.  How you manage your spending is crucial to keeping more of your earned income.

Money Management|Financial Habits


Your Spending Habits

Are you a good spender?  How much money you save all depends upon what kind of  spender you are.   You can earn millions of dollars and still end up broke if you have poor spending habits.    If you earn $50,000 but you spend $75,000, you are always in a financial hole.   Learn how not to waste money.

Are You A Buyer or A Shopper?

Comparing prices and getting richIf you currently buy without shopping, you are wasting money.  Although you may disagree, one of the best financial habits to have is to buy something only when it’s on sale.   And in this economy, everything eventually goes on sale.

Other good spending habits include taking the time to compare prices, shopping with coupons, shopping for items online.

Do You Live Above or Below Your Means?

It’s not what you make but what you keep.   If you buy based on what you want change that financial habit.   A better habit would be to only buy based on what you need.  It is so easy to waste money on things we want.   Spending discipline goes along way in helping you keep more of your money for the important things.

We are constantly being bombarded with spending temptations; billboards, radio, tv, online, cell phone ads.   To help yourself live below your means, you must develop the discipline to remind yourself that if you don’t need it, you don’t buy it.