Occupational Health HazardsAn occupational health hazard is something that can cause harm if not controlled. Based on that definition of an occupational health hazard, there are numerous hazards present within the work place today.

Occupational health hazards can include but are not limited to: Environmental: for example – noise or lighting, vibrations Physical: for example – slips and falls, collision Mechanical: for example – cutting, shearing, moving machine parts, entanglement Biological: for example – bacteria, virus Chemical: for example – acids, fumes Pyschological: for example – work related stress.

The one common, reoccurring issue created by all of those occupational health hazards is absenteeism. The trickle down effect from absenteeism can be devastating to an organization. If left to fester it can negatively affect the entire organization in many ways.

Absenteesim creates a domino effect in the workplace. Absenteeism due to occupational health hazards results in low productivity and low morale. And then that results in possible downsizing.