The 9 to 5 job has become obsolete. Maybe not yet, but we can just read the headlines from the future. More self-taught entrepreneurs are popping up along the path, hoping to one day become their own boss and rapidly stack those income earnings to such heights that retirement by 30 turns into an achievable prospect. To that respect, online business ideas are flourishing as the gateway to a more flexible lifestyle.

First of all, you should be aware that opportunities and pitfalls coexist in the online business world, just as in the reality of the everyday. You may not experience the jump start into online fame and the big bucks pouring in the first few months. The best internet business ideas can generate a substantial passive income depending, of course, on your talents and willingness to invest some hard work into it. Remember, nothing comes free in life. Well, maybe except the Internet.

Below we’ve sorted our online money making ventures according to your interests, strengths, and personality type.

Online Business Ideas You Can KickStart Tomorrow

Online Business Ideas for the Creative Types

Become a Self-made Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer at work

You may think it’s imperative to have at least half the talent of a Michelangelo or a Dali to create unique images for the web. Of course, a formal background in graphic design helps, but nowadays easy-to-use programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator act as magic paint brushes that practically do the work by themselves.

Of course, your contribution is not to be ignored. You still need to have an imaginative knack for coming up with an idea that will both look artistic and marketable.  The Internet is your canvas, and websites like Café Press your exhibition hall. Here you can hang your state-of-the-art T-Shirt, greeting cards or calendar designs and just wait for the buyers to be hooked.

Other top three money making ventures for graphic designers include:

  • Video editing – Some of the best and easiest-to-use home video editing software are Pixorial, Powtoon for animated videos or Weavly for the best mashup videos.
  • Create montage for standard video production companies.
  • Write and draw a comic book for children. Or adults.

Web Design and Web Development

If you’re worried about having to beat the old dusty salesman trail in search for clients, just think of all the people who are looking to boost their presence online through high-value, interactive websites or apps. You can offer your services as a professional web designer to beautify those WordPress themes and turn them into a sight to behold. And to spend much valuable Internet time on.

Also, you may want to brush your skills in HTML, Python, Javascript, or CSS coding. For the purpose, a few months of online training through educational programs such as Treehouse and the Web Developed Bootcamp on Udemy will insert you into the Matrix world of web developing. If any of our online business ideas promises the big bucks, it is right here.

Why Not Wax Lyrical Online?

E-book for online business ideas

You might intersect in your motivations for writing an e-book with the likes of Ernest Hemingway – if you want to be the voice of a generation – or a leadership guru like Prasad Mainali for when you have life advice to impart to the world. Either way, an e-book makes for a viable venture, especially since you don’t have to tackle problems such as:

  • An editor denying the value of your life’s work and sending a painfully polite rejection letter.
  • A publishing house eating up all the royalties and demanding for a trilogy to pump up the profits.
  • Printing and shipping fees to throw you into bankruptcy on account of an expensive hobby.

A downloadable e-book that carries your signature makes for an extra income worthy of your life’s CV. As a plus, it will deliver value to readers yearning to learn a skill or a couple of online business ideas, for that matter.

Additionally, if you possess a strong vocabulary and a penchant for words, you can also lend your service as a copy editor. It’s the next evolutionary step from being a writer, after all, and that translates to less work and more money. You will proofread and edit other e-books on their way to the virtual ‘typing press’.

Online Business Ideas for the People-Oriented Types

Online Teaching

Teaching Online as one of the noblest online business ideas

You may not have been aware of any pedagogical inclinations residing in you, but sites like and TutorVista may just help you to hone them into a nice monthly paycheck. Here you can sign up and provide online coaching or conduct webinars and lectures for a target audience. University students are ready to pay for access into a highly-respected online seminar.

However, you shouldn’t think that online teaching is not treated seriously only because the medium of interaction between you and your students happens to belong to the virtual world. You need to be proficient in your area of expertise. Add passion and a talent in delivering your lessons.

Actually, come to think of it, online tutoring might even be harder than the classic educational system. For one, competition is steep. You’ll have to break the norm if you want a chance at the professorial desk. Secondly, be prepared for one-on-one private lessons as well. Go all John Keating with your students and don’t shy from establishing meaning contacts with them.

Open an E-commerce Store

E-commerce for online business ideas

Physical space is becoming more crowded and in high-demand. Thus, opening a brick and mortar store may cost you an arm and a leg. In the current market, retailers are struggling to survive. Considering the competition, an e-commerce business venture seems like a strong value proposition if you target the right audience.

Studies show that millennials are consistently asking for the online buying experience improves through omnichannel and higher availability. Plus, niche online boutiques are gaining ground to the detriment of large department stores that cater to the mainstream. Millennials hate and openly defy the mainstream.

If you cradle a passion for a certain niche product, you know from past experience that it usually can’t be found in profuse quantities on the market. Consequently, you can turn the table around and make the item easily available through your own specialized e-commerce store. All the better if the stuff you’re selling is quirky or seemingly unpractical. Just attach a statement tag to it and then, a price tag.

To make your business operational, use an integrated shopping cart feature or an e-commerce software. There are plenty of sites where you can begin spreading out your wares – Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Yo!kart, Cscart, and many others.

For a boost of confidence, know that the US Census Bureau estimated that the second quarter of 2016 saw e-commerce sales account for no more than 7.5 percent of total sales. This means there’s an opening for your store’s online growth, as well.

The Best Business Idea Should First Serve to You, Then Your Clients

The Internet is overflowing with ‘100 best online business ideas’ or ‘how to grow as an entrepreneur online’. However, the few we’ve selected are not pigeonholed to bring money on the table. They also mean to tap into your personal skills and print your legacy on a world whose golden pages run in usernames and brands. Countless, undifferentiated, anonymous.

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