Become A Natural|Managing Your Finances With Ease

Have you ever met  someone who seem to have such an easy time managing their finances?  They have a great credit score; they are able to max out the contribution to their retirement account every year; they are either debt free or have only a little debt; basically their financial life is just works perfectly.

How You Can Have The Perfect Financial Life

Believe it or not, these people with perfect financial lives really do exist; in fact, they could be your neighbor, co-worker or the person who sits in the next pew at church.

It’s not as if these folks try to hide their successful financial lives from others, they usually are just not the ones who brag about it.   They don’t brag about their financial success because they understand how they got there; they focused on developing good financial habits.   If you make improving your financial habits a priority, then you too can have the perfect financial life.

Master Your Financial Habits

Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scores are not random numbers assigned by some phantom company; your credit scores are created by you.  Your credit scores are based on your financial habits and no one but you control your financial habits.

Your credit score numbers are real numbers calculated by the 3 national credit reporting agencies based on your credit card debt, your debt payment history, your late pays, delinquent payments and the number of active credit cards.

Change Your Spending Habits

financial lifeYou improve credit scores by improving your spending habits.   Your credit card debt didn’t get there without your help.

If you are in the habit of buying whatever you want, whenever you want to, regardless of having the ability to pay for those items, you need to work on your spending habits.   There are consequences to over spending, you just read about one of them, credit scores are damaged when you over spend.

Change How You Handle Debt

If you handle your debt by adding on more debt, you are not the master over your financial habits.   People who seem to have their act together in their financial life know that debt is a curse.   The reason that debt becomes a curse is because if you pile it on too much, you may never be able to pay it down.   Then you start making your payments late, skipping payments and delinquent accounts become a habit.

The people that you know who seem to have it all together with their finances probably worked very hard to get there.   With the right focus and perspective about spending and debt, you can get there too.