Discount Health Insurance & Discount Auto InsuranceIn these tough economic times, are you looking for ways to live below your means? One step you can take is to review your insurance policies.

To save money on your insurance policies, you can buy discount car insurance and discount health insurance. You can also lower your insurance premiums by raising your homeowners insurance policy deductibles. You can even buy life insurance online to keep your expenses down.

When you make your auto insurance comparison, you can go online or work directly with a car insurance agency. Sometimes you can keep your premiums down by working online because there is no agent involved. Keep in mind that when you work online, if you have billing questions or a car insurance claim, you will not have an agent to advise you. By working online you will also work your claims & billing online.

Purchasing life insurance, discount health insurance, home insurance or discount auto insurance online may save you money, but you will give up the agent support. So review your insurance policies, the savings may or may not be worth the loss of having an insurance agent available.