financial habits

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Pick 2 Financial Habits

Choose Two At A Time

If you are trying to change all of your financial habits in one swoop you are trying too hard. Ease up. Start out by choosing the 2 financial habits you believe are the easiest to change. Once you succeed at those you can change 2 more, then 2 more, you get the picture. If you start out with easiest habits to change you will feel the success and the desire to change other habits will be greater.


Habits seem to sneak up on us, don’t they? Sometimes we do things on such a routine basis that we are blinded to the obvious. We know that buying coffee at a coffee-house every morning on the way to work instead of making it from home costs more, but it’s a habit that is hard to break. Besides coffee from a coffee shop tastes better, right? Why is that? Probably because of the cost. Deep down we know that we paid plenty for that coffee so we just have to justify it.

The same thing with eating lunches out instead of brown bagging it. We know the cost (and calories) are higher, but eating out is another one of those financial habits that is hard to break. Instead of going cold turkey and eliminating all lunches out, brown bag it two days a week for a while until you get used to the idea and the taste of food from home. Lunches out are like coffee on the go, they taste better. But you can make some pretty yummy lunches if you take the time to plan it.

Planning, What A Concept

Planning, easier said than done. It is one of those things that sound better in theory, doesn’t it? However, if we take the time to plan a few more things maybe our habits would be easier to change.