You Work Hard For It | Learn To Keep More Of It

You work hard for your money; you work long hours, you put up with fellow employees you may not always get along with and maybe even a boss or two who you just manage to tolerate.   If you just had more money maybe you could eliminate one or more of those nuisances.

Make More Or Keep More

Earning more money is the obvious way to have more; the most often overlooked way is to learn ways to just keep more of your earnings, period!  Finding a way to keep more of your own money may seem difficult, but it’s easy if you make it a priority.

For you to make it a priority to keep more of your money it  will require you to have a new perspective about money, saving, spending and debt.

The Good, Bad & Ugly

If you are serious about keeping more of your money, saving will become the good, spending will become the bad and debt will become the ugly.

You can keep more of your money if you learn to avoid debt; accomplished by avoiding over spending.   The money you save by limiting your spending can be saved or invested.

What Are You Spending Money On?

How Can You Make The Most Of Your Money?You have complete control over where your money goes.  Whether you remember or pay attention to where it goes is a different issue.  Are you monitoring where you spend?   If not, then you probably just have a “general” idea about what you are spending your money on.

If keeping more money has become your priority, you want to get as specific and detailed as possible about what you’re spending it on and you do this by living on a budget.   If used properly, the budget will be your best financial tool for watching your spending habits.   If you overspend, you will find out by using a budget.

Remember to be strict with yourself and no cheating or fudging the numbers.  You will find extra money through proper budgeting.

Change Your Spending Habits

Debt is ugly; it robs you; but it didn’t accumulate on its own, your spending habits did it.   If you are in debt, work on paying it down as quickly as you possibly can because you are wasting good money on interest charges and fees.

If you can limit your spending to the point that avoids putting you into debt, you are way ahead of the game, because you are saving money on interest and fees.