To make something perfect, you would have to have control over it.   As much as you try to have the perfect job, perfect spouse and perfect children, you don’t control everything there so the likelihood of perfection is hard to come by.   You can make situations good but not always perfect.

There is one thing in your life though that you do have control over and can make perfect.  You can make your credit scores perfect.

Think about it, you control what goes into the making of your credit scores, so logically you can make your credit scores perfect.   You may not feel as if you can, but you can.

But why would you want a perfect credit score?  Money, money and more money.  If you make the commitment to hit a perfect credit score, you will save so much money.   You can use the extra money you won’t be spending on late fees and higher interest rates to help perfect other things in your life.

How To Improve Credit Score To Perfect

What’s Your Score?

Do you know your credit score?   It may already be perfect.  A perfect credit score is 850.   If your score is below that, you can always get credit repair help and with some effort on your part you can hit a perfect 850.

Get To Know Your Score

Before you can improve credit score, you need to know what it is.  The way to find out what your credit score is would be to order your free credit score.   You can order a free credit score once a year from each of the 3 national credit reporting agencies.

Are Your Payments Perfect?

Every time you miss a credit card payment or make a late payment you chip away at your credit score.   If you have any past due accounts you are causing damage to your credit reports.    And then if the past dues become collectibles your credit reports are damaged for up to 7 years.

You can only achieve a perfect 850 if your payment history is perfect.   When you have a perfect 850, financial institutions see you as financially responsible. A perfect 850 tells creditors, lenders and landlords that you pay your bills on time and never skip your payments.

What you control is how much you spend.   If you cut back your spending to the level where you can afford your payments, you won’t make any late pays or skip any payments.

Do You Use Too Much Of Your Credit?

credit score to perfectWhen you charge your credit cards up the maximum limits you ding your credit score.    You are evaluated on what’s called a credit utilization ratio.   This ratio is the amount of credit available to you compared to the amount of credit you actually use.   When you use too much of the credit made available to you, the ratio negatively affects your credit score.

What you control again, is…how much you spend.   By spending less than 35% of your credit card limits, you will help improve your credit score.   If you use more than 35% of your credit card limits, it indicates to creditors that you may be spending too much.   Creditors like and dislike it when you spend too much.

When you spend too much creditors make money on you by charging you late fees and higher interest.  But creditors also ding your credit score because too much spending makes you appear to be headed towards financial trouble.