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Focus On Saving Money

What’s Your Focus This Year?

If you made saving money one of your new year resolutions, have you started or dropped that resolution yet? Many people give up the pursuit of saving money because they put such high demands on themselves that they self-destruct. If you take a simple approach to saving money you can accomplish it. It’s all up to you.

# 1 The K.I.S.S Method

Keep it simple silly. Saving money is a lot easier if you simplify your approach. Start by tracking your spending. Even though it sounds old-fashioned, budgeting actually works. A budget helps you track where your spending your money which should show you those areas that you’re spending too much in.

#2 – The Harder Step

In the areas that you are spending too much in you have to be willing to rein-in those expenses. Are you? To find extra money to invest or save you must be cut back on your spending; either that or ask your boss for a raise (it’s usually easier to change your spending habits).

#3 – Change, Change, Change

You can change your spending habits, if you work at it from the right approach. You don’t have to drastically cut back on every expense, you just have to trim back a bit at a time. If you buy your coffee from a coffee house five days a week on the way to work, start by only buying it three days a week and making coffee at home the other two. Sometimes the simplest is the easiest.

There you have it; three simple steps to get you started. The only thing stopping you may be the excuses you give yourself. So stop with the excuses, rationalizations and justifications and start saving money. Do it for you.