The direct channel for reaching auto insurance companies would be through their agents and brokers. This is a more personal approach. Most insurance agents and brokers have offices for you to personally visit to review auto ins quotes, your auto ins policy coverages, auto policy premiums and also make any changes to your policy. At many insurance agents offices you can even report claims, review your claim activity and sometimes collect a claim check. You can discuss with your agent any of your questions and concerns. Your agent can work with your personal circumstances. Your agent can advise you which coverage limits can help you get low cost auto insurance and which coverages are required.

The indirect channel for reaching and working with auto insurance companies would be by doing business online. Usually when you work online you will not be able to talk to and agent about issues that may come up – but sometimes they also have an 800 number for you to call with questions. But you should be able to review quotes and coverages and possibly report claims.

Whether you communicate with your auto ins company directly or indirectly; in person or online – you should be able to obtain the same services. And if the insurance company does offer low cost auto insurance, they will offer it through both channels.