Car Insurance OnlineYou know the drill, right, if you own and operate a car, it’s the law that you buy car insurance.   The law doesn’t care how you buy it, the law only stipulates that you do buy it if you own and operate a car.

You can buy car insurance in person from an insurance agent.  You can buy your insurance from an agent over a toll-free number.   Or you can buy car insurance online.   You do have a choice.

Keep in mind that you may notice a difference if you shop for your car insurance online and then shop the same insurance policy through a car insurance agent.

Shopping For Car Insurance

Buying Online Car Insurance

  • Whenever you buy car insurance online you generally work directly through the insurance company not the car insurance agent.
  • Sometimes this can be easier because there are fewer layers to work through.  But sometimes it can be more difficult.
  • When you work online without an insurance agent you may not have the same contact person every time you call in with a question or concern.   Sometimes this could be a disadvantage if you prefer consistency and dealing with the same person all the time.
  • The car insurance premiums can be different.
  • When you make an auto insurance comparison, be sure to check both sources because the premiums and services offered could be different.
  • Some insurance companies sell their cheapest auto insurance online; while other companies do so through their insurance agents.

Buying Car Insurance From An Agent

  • A car insurance agent can offer more personalized services than car insurance sold online.
  • You definitely have a contact person to answer all questions.
  • In other words, you have someone to hold accountable, the agent.
  • You can visit the agent’s office if you have any questions about your insurance policies or if you have questions about a car insurance claim.
  • When you purchase the policy online, the servicing of your policy is handled online.
  • When you buy the car insurance policy from an insurance agent, the servicing of your insurance is handled out of the agents office.
  • Most of the time you can call or visit the agents office to make a claim, make a premium payment and make policy changes.

Some auto insurance customers like working direct while others prefer personalized service. You do have a choice. Your personal needs and preferences will determine whether you choose to purchase your car insurance online or through an agent.

No matter where you buy your car insurance one thing is certain, your car insurance premiums will be determined by your credit score.   Most car insurance companies will look at your credit report when quoting you a premium.   Insurance companies take credit ratings very seriously, and so should you.