Car Insurance PolicyCar Insurance can be overwhelming.  One thing you do not want to encounter is confusion at the time you need to use your car ins – namely – at claim time. So let’s look at the anatomy of your car insurance policy.

When you have a full coverage policy, the main components of your car ins policy is broken down into 3 sections – Physical Damage coverage, Medical Payment coverage and Liability Coverage. Towing and Car Rental are considered “add-on” coverages so they are not considered to be a main component of your policy.

Physical Damage coverage pays for the damages to your car.

Medical coverage pays for the physical damages to your body.

The Physical Damage section of your car ins policy includes Collision and Comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage pays for damages to your car if it collides with another motor vehicle. Comprehensive coverage pays for such items as broken glass; hitting an animal; falling or flying objects. Lets say you hit a deer, the Comprehensive coverage under your Physical Damage section pays for your car. And when you hit the deer, if your body came in contact with the steering wheel and you broke your ribs – your Medical Coverage is used to put you back together. Comprehensive is used a lot for cracked windshields.

Call your car insurance agent today for complete and accurate policy details.