Compare Car InsuranceWhen you own and operate a car, you have no choice about whether or not to insure it – –  insuring it is the law.   But in tough economic times you certainly want choices on which car insurance company to insure it with.

When you shop for car insurance and compare car insurance companies there are many issues to consider.

Price is not the only issue, although that is usually the one issue consumers use most often to make their decisions.   You should also consider credit score evaluation; which means, does the insurance company use your credit score to determine your premiums.  Some insurance companies use credit ratings, some do not…be sure to ask.

Let’s review other issues you should consider.

What To Compare When Shopping For Car Insurance

The Insurance Agent

  • You should compare car insurance agents you may be interested in doing business with.
  • Is the agent as well as the agency staff equally knowledgeable?
  • Is the agent available; or do you always have to work with the agents staff?
  • Is the agency helpful – do they answer all of your questions about coverages and rates and claim service?
  • Is the agency office conveniently located?
  • Is the agency easily accessible?  Can you access them by phone, email, website as well as walk-in?  Do they have an 800 number?  Do they have office hours that are convenient for you?

The Claims Service

  • You should compare the car insurance company’s claim service.
  • Is it fair?
  • Do they pay claims?
  • Are the claim payments made on a timely basis?
  • Are they friendly?
  • Do they return calls when you have a claim?
  • Do they help you through the entire claim process?
  • Do they have 24 hour – 800 number to call your claim into?
  • Do they assign one claim rep to your case or do you have to deal with numerous reps and explain your claim numerous times?

The Stability Of The Insurance Company

  • Your car insurance premium might be half of what your neighbor pays for his insurance, but if the insurance company goes out of business, what good is a cheaper insurance premium.
  • Sometimes paying a little more for your car insurance premium is worth the peace of mind you will get.
  • Check out the car insurance rating.   There are companies that specialize in rating insurance companies based on their stability.

In the future just remember that when you shop for your car insurance be sure to take into consideration other things besides just the price.  Be sure to look at the big picture…shop the insurance agent, the insurance companies claim service and the stability of the insurance company.  If you just look at the insurance premium you may be short-changing yourself.