Compare Car InsuranceWhen you are looking for car insurance,  you have some decisions and choices to make.  Take your time when shopping and comparing so that you buy insurance that best fits your personal needs.

You certainly cannot choose between buying car insurance and not buying it.   If you own and operate a car, you must buy car insurance, that is the law and there is no way around that.

But you can choose which car insurance company to buy from.  Let’s review what you should compare when you do your shopping…not all car insurance companies are the same.

Comparing Car Insurance Companies

Car Insurance Premiums

  • You should certainly compare the insurance company’s prices; but remember price is not the only thing that matters.
  • Do you feel that the premiums are reasonable or competitive?
  • How often do they raise the insurance rates?
  • Does the car insurance company use your credit score to determine your insurance premiums?
  • Some companies are using credit ratings for premiums and some are not…be sure to ask.
  • What type of insurance coverages do you get for the price you pay?  You can certainly pay less for auto insurance – but a lot of times you are also buying less coverage.   And the time to find out that you don’t have the proper coverages is before you have a claim, not after.

Claim Service

  • Is it easy to make a claim?
  • Do they have an actual person to talk to at the claims center where you call your claim into…or is it a recorded message or an answering machine where someone will call you back.
  • When you are in a car accident, you want immediate help, don’t settle for anything less.
  • Will you be able to file the claim through your agent’s office or do you have to call it in?
  • Is the insurance company quick to respond when you have a claim?
  • Quick response means your car is repaired quickly; if you carry rental car coverage, you have access to that car quickly.
  • These are all important questions to ask.  The claims service of an insurance company makes all the difference.   You may be willing to pay a little bit more in premium if you can get good claim service.

Insurance Discounts

  • Be sure to compare car insurance company’s discounts.
  • Do they offer the same discounts as the competition?
  • Do they offer discounts for your children when they are away at college and the garaging address is different?
  • Do they offer your children good student discounts?
  • Do you get a discount for also insuring your home with them?
  • Most insurance companies give a discount on the auto insurance and home insurance premiums if you insure both with them.
  • And some insurance companies even give you discounts if you also buy life insurance from them.

Insurance Company Flexibility

  • Don’t forget to compare the car insurance company’s flexibility.
  • Will they make exceptions for your individual situation?
  • Are the willing to bend a little to make you a happy customer?
  • Or do the operate strictly by the book at all times?

There is a lot that goes into comparing car insurance company’s. Even though it is the law that you must have auto insurance – – – – you still want a choice as to who to have it with.

Make the right choices when you compare car insurance and it will greatly benefit you in the long run. By doing your homework you will get the coverages you need at a price you can afford.