Bought an Errored Car Insurance Policy?

You made a decision and paid for a new car insurance policy from a new car insurance company.

The timing of the car insurance policy determines if an insurance identification card was given to you when buying the policy. The name of the car insurance company and your name is on the card. At the time of buying the car insurance policy you were told the permanent card will arrive in the mail with the insurance policy.

The envelope arrives with the policy for the insurance. On the insurance declaration page states: Your name, The car insurance company name The insurance agent as the agent of record

The only surprise is the name of the car insurance company. You expected the name to be same as on the original insurance card. What to do next??? Many car insurance companies use different insurance companies for pricing insurance. For example: Company Name Property & Casualty Company Name Mutual Company Name Mutual Fire.

Call the agent you purchased the car insurance policy from for a more accurate description about the type of insurance company you are insured with.