cheap auto insuranceYou may think that the best car insurance company is always the one with the lowest insurance premiums.

Unfortunately consumers have been misled to believe that the cheapest is always the best.   In many cases that’s been proven to not always be true.   You’ve heard the express, “you get what you pay for” well the same premise holds true with car insurance so shop wisely.

Let’s review some other features to look at when you want to compare auto insurance companies.

Cheap Auto Insurance|Factors To Consider

The Competence of The Insurance Agent.

  • Sometimes with cheap auto insurance, you may not always get the  agent with the most insurance knowledge; so to be on the safe side you have to know what you want out of the agent.
  • What you want out of the agent is to tap into their insurance knowledge when you need it.
  • So does your insurance agent know what they are talking about?
  • If your insurance agent is knowledgable about insurance, they are worth the extra price.  If the agent doesn’t know insurance or can’t answer your insurance questions…you know what to do…find a new insurance agent.
  • Can your agent explain to you the impact your credit score has on your insurance premiums?
  • Do they stress to you that if you have a low credit score, to lower your premiums you should focus on credit repair?
  • Insurance agents who do not know the relevance of credit scores to insurance premiums are not worth the extra price.
  • You want an agent who knows insurance: the policy, the claim procedures, how to lower premiums, how to pick your insurance coverages.
  • A competent insurance agent will save you money.

Claim Service

  • Does the insurance company offer 24/7 claim service; that is claim service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Part of getting the best car insurance is knowing your auto insurance company is available to help you through a claim any time of day or night.
  • Even if you never have to use that 24/7 service, just knowing that the service is available will give you peace of mind.
  • To determine if you are getting the best ask your insurance agent if the company provides guaranteed claim repairs. In other words, are the repairs by their claim facilities guaranteed for as long as you own the automobile.
  • Ask the agent if their company has fast, fair claim service.
  • Are the claim adjusters easy to work with and when you ask questions can they answer them?
  • Will they be flexible in their evaluations of the damages.

Price is not the only determining factor in comparing auto insurance companies…remember you get what you pay for…cheap is not always the best.   To get the best car insurance you have to sometimes look past the premium and more towards the value offered by the insurance agent and the insurance company.