car insurance requirementsThe costs involved with owning a car go beyond just the gasoline you put in it, the maintenance and the repairs you make to it.   You also have to include the cost of car insurance.

If you own and drive an automobile, having current car ins on that auto is required by law. You cannot wiggle out of that law.

If you drive a car and don’t have car insurance on it, you are breaking the law.   It can get expensive if you get caught driving without car insurance, so do the right thing, if you own a car, buy car insurance.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements:

Required Car Insurance

Liability Coverage

  • The law requires you to carry minimum liability insurance coverage.
  • Just carrying minimum liability insurance limits is not advisable, but due to the cost of insurance, sometimes necessary.
  • One way to meet that requirement at the lowest cost is through a discount car insurance company.
  • If you cannot afford full coverage, a discount car insurance policy can help keep your premiums down.
  • There are numerous discount car insurance providers available in the market place.
  • Make sure you compare auto insurance companies based on the premiums, coverages and deductibles.
  • If you get quotes with different coverages or deductibles, the premiums will be off.

Maximum Car Insurance:

Recommended Car Insurance

Full Coverage

  • Full coverage is usually recommended by most insurance agents because it’s a complete insurance package.
  • Full coverage includes the following coverages: liability, comprehensive, collision, medical expenses and uninsured motorists.
  • Liability pays for damages to the other persons car.
  • Liability coverage also pays for the other persons bodily injuries.
  • Collision coverage pays for your car.
  • Medical expense coverage pays for your bodily injuries.
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for your car in the event you hit a deer, have a windshield crack or your car gets keyed.
  • With full coverage, your deductible kicks in when collision coverage is used.
  • To get a comparison with higher deductibles, have your insurance agent run different quotes for you.
  • A higher deductible can help to lower the premiums enough to make full coverage affordable for you.

Your Next Step:

  • If you don’t have car ins, get it.
  • Costs cannot be an excuse, there are enough discount car insurance companies available.
  • If you do have car insurance, you should do an annual car insurance review with your insurance agent or broker.
  • Your insurance agent or broker can help you sort through your insurance policies.
  • They can answer any concerns or questions you may have about coverages and premiums.
  • Your car insurance agent can check that you are receiving all the discounts that are offered.
  • An insurance broker can compare auto insurance companies for you.
  • Some discounts car insurance companies offer may include: multi-car, annual mileage, home/car and anti-theft device discount.