Commercial InsuranceCommercial Insurance for Peace of Mind

Commercial insurances protect the interests of customers, suppliers and lenders. With commercial insurance the customer, supplier and lender are all buying peace of mind coverage. If anything goes wrong, the policy will be there to pay for the damages.

Commercial insurance policy coverages are broken down into main parts. One part of this insurance policy is liability and the other part is property. Liability protects the customer when something goes wrong. Property protects suppliers and lenders from losing money on a project when something goes wrong.

Commercial Insurances have different types of Liability policies. They are: Contractor/Installer Liability Insurance Retail/Wholesale Liability Insurance Manufacturing Liability Insurance Commmercial Auto Insurance Liability Insured Employee Liabiltiy Insurance

Commercial kind of insurance has different types of Property policies: They are Building Insurance Business Property Insurance Moveable Equipment Stock of Materials Employees Property Car Insurance

Ask your insurance agent which type you need to protect your business.