insurance premiumsThe health insurance premiums that you would pay for major medical insurance, personal health insurance and low income health insurance can vary greatly. The range of health insurance premiums can be quite significant because of the different services offered by each type of insurance plan, and also due to where the health insurance is obtained.

For example, low income health insurance can be obtained through a high risk pool; medicaid or a prescription assistance program. These programs are often offered through the state. The high risk pool is offered in approximately 30 states. One has to qualify to receive medicaid. With either the medicaid program or the high risk pool the health insurance premuims are kept very low or are even non-existent in some cases.

Major medical insurance generally offers more of a complete package of coverages which can make the health insurance premiums higher than those premiums of a low income health insurance policy. But since major medical insurance is generally offered through an individual’s employer, the higher cost to the individual can be reduced if the employer offsets the premiums.

Your health insurance agent should be able to explain in greater detail the differences in health insurance premiums