disability insuranceIndividual disability insurance polices are purchased and owned by the individual themselves. Where as a group disability policy¬†from work is generally purchased and owned by the corporation. At some company’s the employers may ask the employees to contribute to some of the premiums of a Group policy, but the policy is still owned by the corporation.

Many states have specific requirements for worker’s comp disability insurance policies to be used. Therefore a workers comp policy is not a solid guaranteed method of income replacement. The rules of your state may or may not qualify you to use the worker’s comp insurance after an injury.

There are many advantages and very few disadvantages to owning an individual disability insurance policy. Your work place may not offer disability insurance and your state rules may have disqualified you for worker’s comp insurance. If you are put out of work due to an illness or injury, you will want and need disability insurance if you have bills to pay. Therefore you need an individual disability insurance policy to cover you when no other policy will.