What protection does a disability insurance policy give you?  Your protection comes in the form of bill payment. This type of insurance policy would pay your landlord or your mortgage company when you are disabled. Your disability insurance policy would make your car payment; pay your credit card bills; pay all of the other household bills that come up every month. These bills come up every month whether you are working or not.

Your mortgage company or your landlord does not care whether you are working or bed ridden due to surgery – they just want your mortgage payment or your rent payment…..they have bills to pay too. And it does not matter to your utility company whether your monthly payment comes from your “paycheck” or your “disability check” – a payment is a payment.

If you have credit card bills, utility bills, a car payment, or even your child’s tuition to pay – – – – you need a disability insurance policy. There are many advantages to owning a disability insurance policy and very few disadvantages, if any. Peace of mind is the biggest advantage. Knowing that if you are ill or injured you will not lose your home is worth the price of a disability insurance policy.