Discount health insuranceHealth insurance policies are packaged to pay for doctors, hospitals and medicine. Finding a discount health insurance plan might be limited to a few insurance plans.

You can get an HMO – a PPO – HDHP. That is just a few examples of the types of health insurance policies available on the market today. Each plan is packaged with different advantages and disadvantages.

And what do all those initials mean? Do they represent discount health insurance? HMO means Health Maintenance Organization. PPO means Preferred Provider Organization and HDHP means High Deductible Health Plan.

An HMO health plan is usually the least expensive of all health insurance plans, for the patient. HMO’s are structured with a smaller network of physicians and hospitals that the patient must work within. Patients must select and work with a primary care provider. User fees within network are co-pays. If the patient seeks treatment outside of the network they must get a referral from their primary care provider.

PPO’s and HDHP’s are packaged and offered in a different manner than an HMO plan.    Give your health insurance representative a call for a more detailed explanation of the differences in those health insurance policies.