Best health insuranceTo get the best health insurance it may require you to interview the health insurance company. You can ask the agent many questions.

Is the insurance guaranteeable. In other words, can the health insurance company cancel the insurance based on the number of claims you file. This is different from asking if the health insurance rates are guaranteed. Generally health insurance companies will not give you that guarantee because the health insurance company may have to raise rates. You want to know if the insurance is guaranteed. The best health health insurance would guarantee the insurance

Have the agent define their particular pre-existing condition clause. A health insurance company may have a waiting period before allowing treatment on prior medical conditions. This is call their pre-existing condition clause. A health insurance company can have you wait 2 – 5 years or more prior to the effective date of the insurance policy on a pre-exisiting condition. The best health insurance will have a shorter waiting period.

What medical conditions are covered on the policy. What medical conditions, if any, are excluded on the policy. Are any extra riders required.

Ask your health insurance company for additional information.