Obtaining health insurance quotes is a fairly simple process. You can work through health insurance brokers or get a health insurance online quote.

When you work with a quote online, you may become confused about the insurance terms that are used. Or you may not know which insurance product best fulfills your insurance needs, in which case you may want a health insurance broker. At any point while working the quote online, you can engage a health insurance agent or broker to work with you. Simple contact the agent listed in the contact information on the site with the quote information.

What a health insurance broker or agent can offer you that online quotes may not is servicing. They both can see group or personal health insurance and also supplemental health insurance but both may not be able to service you.

Personal health insurance is purchased by individuals or families who do not get health insurance at work. Supplemental health insurance is purchase to offset medical costs. The benefits are paid directly to the policyholder instead of the hospital or doctor.