health insurance brokersIf you have been downsized and are now unemployed with no health insurance then you have 2 options. One option they will advise you of is to buy COBRA through your former employer. This type of a health insurance plan will cover preexisting medical conditions. A COBRA policy can only be obtained through an employer and is very expensive.

Your second option if you have been downsized, although much less expensive than COBRA, does not cover preexisting conditions. The option the health insurance brokers would recommend if you do not have to worry about a preexisting medical condition is a Short-Term health insurance policy. Both COBRA and a short-term health insurance policy is for the purpose of coverage for short time. COBRA usually extends coverage for 18 months and a Short-Term policy extends coverage for one to twelve months.

It all sounds fairly simple so why do you even need health insurance brokers? Can you go directly to the insurance carrier without going through the middle-man broker? Yes and no. Individual health insurance plans are either sold through a health insurance broker or on-line.

You as an individual usually cannot go directly to the health insurance carrier. Group Health Plans through employers may be able to go direct. You as the consumer have many choices today on how to obtain medical insurance. You can get a medical insurance quote through your employer, online or through health insurance brokers.