Should you buy your personal health insurance through a medical insurance broker or get a health insurance online quote. In today’s market since there are so many health and medical insurance options available to the consumer, questions like that inevitably arise.

Both options have their advantages. Let’s review the value of a medical insurance broker and the value of getting a health insurance quote online.

The Privacy Issue: With a broker your personal information will be kept more private. This is because a broker will generally meet with you “in person”. Your information will pass through a few less channels so will be seen by fewer individuals. Whereas when you apply for a quote online there are debates in the industry as to how “secure” your personal information really is.

The Advise Issue: You can call your broker with questions and concerns you may have. The broker will give advice and direction on proper coverages. The medical insurance broker’s job is to find you the best value for the best price. They will “shop” the market for you. They will do the “footwork” of looking at different health insurance company’s programs, deductibles, waiting periods and hospital stays for example. On-line quoting may not be as accomodating. There may not be an individual for you to talk with who will actually discuss with you the differences in coverages, programs, company’s. On-line quoting may have a toll-free number to call for help in applying but they may not be as skilled at discussing actual policy.