Is it better to buy your health insurance online or through a medical insurance broker?   Here are some issues to consider.

The Enrollment Issue: When enrolling for health insurance on-line are you guaranteed that you will receive your policy? If you do not receive the policy you most likely will have to chase it down by yourself….make the calls, send the emails and letters. When you work through a broker, they handle the administration of your policy from start to finish.

The Service Issue: Claims. If you work though a broker and you have a claim he/she can step in if necessary to help resolve any issues that come up. With a broker you have someone fighting for you. On-line claim service is usually a toll-free number.

The Cost Difference: A Health Insurance Online Quote is generally cheaper than going through a medical insurance broker. That is because there is no middle man, like a broker, involved when applying for health insurance on-line. A broker does provide a lot of value but you will have to pay a little more for that service.