health insurance plansHealth insurance plans know that the one common, reoccurring issue often created by most occupational health hazards is absenteeism. Absenteeism can create a domino effect in the work place. The trickle down effect can be devastating to an employer. If left to fester it can negatively affect the entire company in many ways.

Continual reoccurring absenteeism due to occupational health hazards can result in low productivity and morale. Low productivity and low morale can have the effect of increased accidents and claims. Health insurance plans are aware of this, thus encourage employers to offer training and other on-site occupational health programs for their employees. These programs have been shown to help reduce an employers’ claim activity and result in reducing their insurance premium.

Strong, solid occupational health programs in the work place are designed to specfically monitor and measure good safety and preventative practices. These programs should be on going. They should include on-site workshops that cover training, safety, risk, stress and wellness.

In addition to workshops, an on going health program should include periodic risk assessments. These assessments will identify hazards, evaluate the risks and determine the required actions to reduce or eliminate.

With the proper preventative procedures in place at the work place, employers benefit by reducing their insurance premium. Employees benefit by working in a safe environment.