fire insuranceOriginal policies for buildings were called Fire Insurance policies because this insurance is purchased to protect buildings from named perils. The building insured can be a home or a commercial building. Fire insurance is important in protecting the building, the building owner and the lender.

A person’s home is probably their most valuable investment. If a buisnessowner owns the building they run their business from; that building is probably their most valuable investment. Since no home or commercial building is completely free from the threat or risk of damage – fire insurance is essential to help protect these valuable investments.

Fire is one of several perils listed and covered in your insurance policy. Your insurance will pay for the reconstruction of your home or commercial building if the damage is caused by a fire. The amount of coverage available for reconstruction will depend upon the type of coverage you carry in your insurance policy.

Review your insurance policy with your agent, to be certain about the type of coverages that you carry on your fire insurance policy