flood insuranceIf you own or rent a home, do you need flood insurance? Floods can happen anywhere and at anytime; so theoretically – everyone needs this type of insurance.

Even low to moderate flood risk areas have natural occurring floods. Just because you live in a low to moderate risk area do not feel as if you do not need flood insurance. Statistics show that twenty-five percent of all insurance claims for flood are filed in low to moderate risk areas.

Many people believe that their homeowners insurance will cover a flood – no it does not cover for damages caused by a flood. If you have the proper coverage, your homeowners insurance policy will cover “water-backup” from your sump pump – but “water-backup” is entirely different from a flood.

Flood insurance is purchased through insurance agents across the country – but it is underwritten by the federal government – not the insurance agent. To learn more about the National Flood Insurance Program through the federal government visit the NFIP website.