national flood insurance programWhere can you learn more about flood insurance?  Start by looking at the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) website.

Most homeowners and renters can be eligible. Some people think that they may be ineligible due to where they live, this is untrue. You can get flood insurance even if you do not live in a flood plain. And you can get flood insurance if your property has been flooded before. Now if you live in a flood plain or flood hazard area and you have a mortgage through a lender that is federally regulated flood insurance is required.

The flood insurance premiums depend upon where you live. The premiums will be lower if you live in a low to moderate flood risk area vs a high risk area.

There is a waiting period before the flood insurance policy becomes effective. This waiting period is usually 30 days after the purchase of the policy.

Flood insurance is not a federal disaster assistance loan program. If you use the flood insurance after a flood disaster – you do not have to pay back the federal government like you would with other federal disaster programs. Talk to your insurance agent today about flood insurance