Insurance Claim SettlementAn insurance settlement is intended to put you back in the same position that you were before you had the insurance claim…period!! Keep that in mind when you are working with your insurance company, insurance agent, insurance claims adjuster and repair services. Each one of those entities that work on your insurance claim towards your insurance settlement have parameters to work within; and some of those parameters are set by law. So if you are patient and understanding of their system and guidelines, the process will be less aggravating for you.

Now sometimes an insurance claim is not handled properly. And when that happens, yes, you may have to speak with someone’s manager. But if you at least understand the guidelines that the insurance industry must work within, you may have an easier time explaining your side and maybe even change the outcome.

Keep in mind that after you, the insured, agree to the insurance settlement and sign off on the insurance claim – that is final!!! The insurance claim is closed. So be absolutely sure that you are completely satisfied with the insurance settlement you are being offered before you sign the paperwork to close out your claim.