puppies in a wheel barrelIf you have never filed an insurance claim or at least not for a long time, when you do have a claim, there will be many questions that you may have. Since insurance claims are on the rise, we will analyze from the start of the claim all the way through to the insurance settlement.

Who do you call first after an insurance claim? If the claim occurs during normal business hours, call your insurance agent. You do this for two reasons. One, so that your agent is made aware of your claim in case they have to help you with it in the future. And two, so that your agent can offer you guidance on how to properly report the claim to the insurance company. If your claim is after business hours, call the insurance company’s insurance claims service center. Most insurance companies have a toll-free number for you to report claims to.

Next, where do you go for estimates and repairs? Start with your insurance agent. Your agent is a good source for referrals. They may have designated repair services that work directly with the insurance company’s claims departments. Sometimes you may want to use someone you know. So you have two-three good sources for estimates and repairs.

How can you speed up the insurance claim process? Not sure that’s possible. With insurance claims on the rise, insurance claims adjusters are over loaded with work – and with that being the case, they do the best they can to keep up. If you have to wait a little longer for service or a call back from your claims adjuster or your insurance settlement is not immediate, do not take it personal. The insurance claims adjusters want your claim handled quickly, they gain nothing by delaying your settlement. An insurance settlement is not intended to make you rich.