Your insurance policy can be adjusted in many ways to make it more affordable. Just make sure that when you are cutting expenses you do not skimp on the extra coverages in your insurance policy.

Will your home insurance policy cover you for additional living expenses while your home is being rebuilt after a loss. These additional living expenses can include but are not limited to the costs for you to live in another location during reconstruction. Depending on how long the reconstruction will take, that “other location” could be an apartment or a hotel. Does your insurance policy pay for food and other essential living expenses during reconstruction?  Does it pay for the clothes that you may have lost and will need in order to continue your normal living standards, for example, clothes to go to work?

Make sure that if you raise your deductible to lower your insurance premiums that you can afford to pay that deductible at the time of an unexpected claim. If you make your deductible so high that you cannot afford it, you are defeating your purpose.

Make sure your auto insurance policy has towing and car rental coverage; otherwise, you will be paying for that out of your own pocket.

By spending a few extra dollars on the front side and get good insurance coverages – – you do not have to pay on the back side.