Personal InsuranceIf you are like most consumers today, your pocket book is stretched to the limit due to the current recession. Maybe you have been forced to cut back on your spending to cope with the recession; even on your personal insurance. Your unpaid bills are piling up. Your discretionary income is becoming less and less.

Is there anything recession resistant?

Perhaps. Maybe your personal insurance premiums are staying ahead of the spreading recession…. your auto, your home, your umbrella, your motorcycle and boat insurance. You may be able to save some money on your personal insurance, even in a battered economy. Sometimes you can save quite a bit on your personal insurance just by making adjustments to your insurance policies.

Here’s are some tips that may help you maintain your course even in this struggling economy.

Shop your insurance: You should shop your personal insurance at least once a year just to see if you still have the best rates plus the best coverages. You can call your insurance broker to shop it for you. Most insurance brokers have access to many different insurance companys. Or you can shop your personal insurance by yourself over the internet. All, if not most, insurance companies have a website where they let you run your own quotes. There are hundreds of thousands of personal insurance companies available in the market place today.

Keep your claim activity to a minimum: During economic downturns, the volume of insurance claims filed increases. Don’t get caught up in filing a claim for every little scrap you get into. Your insurance company can raise your rates due to too many claims.