Personal InsuranceHow can you keep your personal insurance premiums low?   Here are a few tips.

Watch your credit score – insurance companys are: Most if not all insurance companys today are using credit scores to keep score on you. They started to implement this tool even before the economic downturn.

Pet ownership: Do not own whatever your insurance company considers an “aggressive dog”. Each insurance company has a different criteria for an “aggressive breed”. Check with your insurance carrier.

Maintain your home: If you do not have upgraded electrical; plumbing and heating systems, look into upgrading them. This will show the insurance company that you are trying to help keep your chances for claims down.

Personal insurance company’s use claim acitvity, credit scores, types of pets you own and the shape of your home to determine insurance premiums. So even if it does not seem as if you have control during this current economic downturn, you have more control than you think.