How do you know if you need travel insurance when you travel? Well theoretically everyone may need travel insurance at one time or another. Any one of us can run into unforseen problems when we travel. You can have emergencies, illnesses, accidents, lost baggage, damaged equipment, the financial default of your airline or cruise liner or other supplier. All of those circumstances would be covered when you have travel insurance.

Travel insurance can cover for trip cancellations, trip interruptions, damaged, lost or stolen baggage. It can cover any special equipment that you bring along such as fishing gear or hunting equipment.

If your trip is cancelled or delayed by you or a supplier, you have already made a prepaid investment and in most cases your deposit is non-refundable. Your travel insurance will reimburse back to you your investment.

There are different travel insurance packages for different budgets. The different packages offered by the travel insurance companies can work with your personal budgets.