Need Retirement But Anxious About Taking It?

You Need It|Just Do It

You have determined that your retirement investments are at the point where they can support you in retirement.   Your work is no longer mentally or intellectually stimulating.    Your spouse is retired.   Many of your friends are retired.   Could you possibly need retirement?

Retiring when you are burnt out at work or your career has hit a dead-end may sound logical, but you keep postponing retirement anyway.   Reaching a dead-end in your career is not the worst thing; continuing to work even though all the signs indicate that you are ready for retirement could be.

If you can retire financially but not mentally you do not have to continue postponing your retirement.

Postponement For All The Wrong Reasons

Many retirees look back and wish they had retired sooner.   Money was the #1 reason why most of them postponed their retirement.  They had the money to afford retirement but the fear of running out of money paralyzed them and they continued to keep working.

Your Anxiety About Retirement Money

Continuing to postpone retirement because you are too nervous about your retirement income could be a wrong reason because the fear of shrinking retirement investments is a fear that can be overcome.

Overcoming Financial Vulnerability

  • Part-time

Supplement your retirement income by working part-time; it’s okay, may retirees are doing that.   When you pick a part-time job merely to overcome the feeling of financial vulnerability find a job doing something you truly enjoy.

  • Annuities
Lack of preparation has led other people to postpone retirement

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Understand annuities before you buy one.   Annuities can be an ideal investment when an investor feels financially vulnerable.

An annuity will guarantee to pay you a stream of retirement income over your life time.   That income can continue to be paid to your spouse and family after your death, if you set it up that way when it’s time to annuitize it.

  • Live within your means.

The concept of cutting back on ones expenses seems so foreign to many individuals.   The quickest way to have extra money is to spend less.    Cut out the obvious unnecessary expenses…the cafe lattes, the 500 channel cable tv packages, the 5000 minute cell phone packages.   How many tv channels do you honestly watch?  Do you really use that many cell phone minutes every month?

Your Retirement|Your Fulfillment

Retirement is your chance to start over.  It’s a time for personal growth.   Entering that next phase of your life with financial worries could alter any fulfillment you may be looking for and need.