Retirement Planning Is Like A Football Game

Play Like A Football Team|Win At Retirement

Planning for retirement is like a football game, it’s all about strategy. The purpose of a football game is to score enough points to win the game. The ultimate purpose of your working life is to save enough money to be able to afford retirement someday.

The Clock

Football players need the entire game to make enough touchdowns to win a game. You will need your entire career life to accumulate enough money to afford retirement. The clock has started, are you in the game?

Your Retirement Game

Your life has a first and second half. The first half of life is your working years. The second half is your retirement years. You are the coach. It’s your job to get yourself to retirement with enough money to last as long as you do.


In football it’s all about point accumulation. In retirement planning it’s about money accumulation.


Points in a football game are accumulated by using the skills of players to make touchdowns and field goals. Money is accumulated in retirement plans by individuals who use their financial skills.  It takes skill to find extra money to invest, live below your means and continually fine tune your financial habits.

Your 2nd Half

Football teams do not wait until the 2nd half of a game to pull off a win. Players continually strive to score every chance they get. To pull off your win (money accumulation) you cannot wait until the 2nd half of your life. Start early and save often.

Retirement Planning and Football

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Your Kickoff

This is the day you start investing for your retirement. If you want to achieve a successful retirement kickoff, start investing the day you start your first job. Remember, you will need your entire career to reach your retirement goal.


You lose yards when the market dips and gain when the market rebounds. You ultimately gain yardage by investing in good economic times as well as bad.

Penalty Flags

Poor asset allocation, improper diversification and inappropriate risk tolerance levels are all penalty flags you need to be aware of.

Line Of Scrimmage

Your line of scrimmage is the amount of money you will need to afford to retire. Use a retirement calculator to determine this amount.

Your Special Teams

These include your financial planner, tax accountant and retirement plan consultant from work.


If you have to go into overtime you did not accumulate enough money to retire. Overtime is being forced to work even after retirement age.

Super Bowl

Making it to the Super Bowl means you can afford retirement. You have saved enough money to last as long as you do. Congratulations.

Winning Despite All Odds

You do not have to forfeit your retirement if you run into financial struggles during your working years. If you get tackled now and then with financial problems do not get out of the game. You’re the coach. Take a time-out, reevaluate your strategy and get back on the field.

Football players keep the end zone in their line of vision at all times. You need to keep your retirement in your line of vision during good times as well as tough times. Get in the game.