It’s All About You|Demand Satisfaction

Retirement planning can be tough, seeking out financial help is not always easy.   Financial planners can help or hurt your efforts to reach retirement.   If your planner is not focused on you, your wants, needs and financial goals, never be shy about replacing them.

Your financial planner has one purpose and that is to help you accomplish your retirement and financial goals.  They are not working with you in order to be your friend or buddy, they are there to serve your financial needs.

Demand Financial Satisfaction

  • Can Your Planner Get You Through A Market Meltdown?

Hold your financial planner accountable.

If you are paying for their expertise, make sure they have a deeper understanding of investments, retirement planning and the markets than you do.   If you know more than they do, you do not need them.

Get their vision and expert view of what they see coming in the markets.   Have them use that expertise to help you plan your next move with your retirement investments.

You want more from your financial planner than their sympathy over your investment loses.  You want them to help your retirement investments rebound after a decade of shrinking in value due to the bad economy.

  • Can Your Planner Set A Course For You?

You need your financial planner to help you create a financial strategy for today and tomorrow.   You need them to create a contingency plan if the markets bottom out.

Financial planner and setting your courseYou need your planner to help you set short, medium and long-term goals.  They can only accomplish this task if they are focused on you and your needs.

You want help with developing a plan that will have you retire on schedule.   You need to save enough money for your retirement years so that it lasts as long as you do.   Have them show you how to accomplish that.

You want more than a stack of papers filled with numbers, graphs and charts from your financial planner.   For a bit of financial freedom, ask them to show you a retirement calculator that you can manage on your own.

  • Does Your Financial Planner Return Calls?

Make sure your financial planner can communicate; and that you understand what they are trying to tell you.

You want your calls returned within a few hours or at the latest within 24 hours.

You want to talk with them directly, they are the retirement planning and financial expert.

You want them to be honest with you.   If they made a mistake, make sure they can admit it and accept responsibility.

Your Retirement|Your Final Years

You are probably perfectly capable of planning for your retirement on your own.   The advantage of using a financial professional is that you get an opinion other than your own, which can be a big advantage is these tumultuous times.