Sound Like Your Retirement Planner?

Most individuals need a retirement planner to help with the fine details of retirement investments. If your retirement planner sounds clueless, they probably are and you may consider getting a new planner.

Keep away from retirement planners who really do not know about finance

photo by financialdirection

Retirement Money Too Precious

You need to be very careful on whom you choose to advise you about your retirement money. It’s  hard enough to swallow all of the market drops why add more misery by losing money due to poor investment advice.

Good And Bad

A good retirement planner will help advise you on your personal risk, time-line and investment selection. A poor planner will offer little advice and perhaps put you into investments that are too risky for your stage in life. Beware of the adviser that is more interested in the commission on a product than on the value the investment offers to you.

Sort It Out

You can easily spot a good retirement planner. They listen more than they talk. They ask you questions. The questions should be about your financial goals and objectives; not what your favorite restaurant is.

Take Your Time

A good planner will never rush you to make an investment decision. They understand that it is your money and you need to make careful decisions about it. They will not push you into an investment decision that has to be made quickly “before time runs out”. They understand that good investment decisions take time to make. And they would be correct.

Make good decisions about your retirement money by finding a good adviser and take your time on making your financial decisions.