Retirement Planning Takes A Life Time

  • Fact #1) Your retirement years will last for 25 to 30 years.
  • Fact #2) You will work for approximately 40 years.
  • Fact #3) You will need most of your working years to save enough money to support yourself during retirement.

Sound overwhelming??  It’s not, if you take the right approach.

Young people believe they will solve the retirement problem by working until they die.   Based on this assumption, they fail to take retirement planning seriously during the best time they have to start saving.

Older, wiser individuals understand that health issues crop up as time passes, companies downsize and talents change therefore, working until they die is not always an option.   But this knowledge doesn’t always motivate them to invest enough for retirement either.

When individuals do not invest for their retirement it’s either due to lack of knowledge, fear or attitude.   Which one is stopping you?

Plan With An Attitude|Enjoy The Ride

You need to have attitude when you start planning for retirement, otherwise you will see investing for your future as a chore instead of an opportunity to get financially ahead.

Attitude can keep you on track or push you over; it can destroy you or it can motivate you…the choice is yours.   A positive attitude will allow you to ward off any negativity.   A destructive attitude will sink you.

It’s All About You

Planning for your retirement is all about you.  If negative chatter about the economy, market fluctuations and meltdowns worry you to the point where you shut down and do nothing about investing for your retirement, stop listening to the negative chatter, it’s hurting you, not helping.

Make time an ally in retirement planning

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Start Immediately

The absolute best time to start your retirement planning is when you are young and starting your first job, even if you are only 16 years old.   If you receive a W2 form for your earnings, you can contribute to a retirement plan.

Work With Retirement Tools

A retirement calculator is more valuable than you may realize.   Retirement calculators are simple.  Input your personal financial information, your age and retirement target date; it will give you an estimate of how much you need to save to reach your target date.

Start Early

The longer time you have to save the more likely you are to achieve your retirement investment goals.   If you quit investing or never make an attempt to start due to the negative market cycles and the chatter about them, you will have a very difficult time affording retirement someday.

No one wants to work forever, do you?