Evolution Or Retirement?

Do you lay awake at night wondering if Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct or how you will be able to afford retirement?   Erase your sleepless nights, skip the evolution question and focus on the retirement question.

Figuring out how to afford retirement is easier than dissecting the theory of evolution.

How You Can Afford Your Retirement

#1 – Update Your Opinion

Planning for your retirement is not a one-time “thing” that you can check off some “to-do” list.   Retirement planning is a lifelong process that requires self-discipline and sacrifice.

If you want to afford retirement someday and you have the opinion that you can put off planning for it because there’s a quick-fix to it, you need to change that opinion.

#2 – Self-Discipline Required

You need to have the discipline to stay invested in the market even through turbulent times.    Increase your retirement investing when the markets drop requires even greater self-discipline.   The best time to increase retirement plan contributions is when the market is in a slump because stocks are basically on sale.

Fix your retirement plan to sleep better at night

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#3 – Sacrifice Is A Must

Regardless of what your mother told you growing up, you can’t have it all.  You cannot spend, spend, spend at the same time that you are saving, saving, saving; unless you have unlimited supplies of money, you have to choose.  Give up the cafe latte lifestyle today so that in the future when you are emotionally ready to retire, you are also financially ready.   Pay now or pay later, it’s your choice.

#4 – Make The Time

You have the time right now to make a financial plan that will determine your financial future.

There will come a day when you suddenly realize that you are tired of working and you want out.   If you are mentally done with working but unprepared financially, you will not be making any type of exit.   When that day comes, you will wish you had taken the time to financially plan your retirement.

#5 – Help Is On The Way

If you are already overwhelmed with managing your career, health, kids and caring for your elderly parents, how are you supposed to find the time and energy to properly build up a retirement nest egg sufficient enough to carry you  through 30 years of retirement?

Most people are not super-human; it’s okay to ask for help with your retirement planning.   You may be able to get help from your personal insurance agent, a financial planner or even your retirement plan representative from work.

Invest Early, Invest Often

Your retirement may be a long way off therefore it may be easy to put planning for it off.   The longer you delay investing for your retirement the harder it will be for you to achieve financial success.  Don’t delay, start today.