Is It Possible? Are You Really Retired?

Are you hallucinating or are you completely finished with your working years?  Was that really your retirement party last night?   Is that gold watch on your wrist your office retirement gift?   By golly, you aren’t delusional; you are officially retired!!!

You have dreamed about your retirement for over 40 years.   You’ve envisioned how it would feel to sleep in; not chase for a train; not fight traffic; not struggle to find a parking space; not endure rainy, snowy, slippery roads; not hear your boss complain about practically everything.   No more dreaming, your retirement is finally here. Yeah!!!

You Have The Time & The Dime

Your time is yours now and you have enough money to last 20 or 30 years, but, have you made any retirement plans yet?  Do you know exactly what you want to do during your retirement years or are your plans still in a rough draft phase?   Are you ready for this juncture in your life?   Have you prepared for your retirement lifestyle?

What’s A Retirement Lifestyle?

A retirement lifestyle is one where you get to do absolutely anything you want to.   You can tackle complicated tasks or just relax and do nothing…it’s all up to you.   Can you handle that type of lifestyle?

#1 – It’s Do Nothing Time

Do you even remember what it’s like to relax?   If not, it’s time to buy a hammock and a good book.

Do you already have plans on what to do when you retire?

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#2 – Retirement Travel

You always wanted to travel the world, now is your chance…well maybe.   Run your numbers, can you afford it?   Maybe you cannot travel the world due to your financial situation but maybe you could dial back and travel 1/2 the world.

#3 – Be Your Own Boss

Start your own business, but do your math first.  If you did start a business how long will it take to turn a profit?   How much retirement income can you afford to invest into a business?  Calculate the risks.  If it ends up taking longer than you calculate to make it profitable you may spend all of your retirement income and be forced back to work…are you willing to take that risk?

#4 – Sign Me Up

Do volunteer work.   If you want to give back to your community, non-profit organizations can always use volunteers.  The American Cancer Society, Diabetes Foundation, American Heart Association, The Lions, Knights of Columbus or Kiwanis Clubs, Disabled American Veterans and many, many more non-profits can use your time and expertise.

#5 – Take Up Consulting

Retirement does not mean a loss of talent.   Continue to use your talents to train or teach others your skills.   Many companies and organizations will hire you on a part-time basis.


You have worked your whole life for your big moment…retirement.   You get to make all of the decisions now.  You can idle your days away, create your dream retirement or stay engaged in the work world in some way…it’s all up to you…enjoy!!!